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The Savoy In Miniature

This model kit will help you create a beautiful miniature model of the Savoy Theatre, Monmouth. Designed by ‘Ice Cream at the Interval’, based in Edinburgh.
You will receive four A4 coloured 170gsm card sheets.
Each kit also contains instructions on how to cut out and build the theatre.
Fully assembled it will be 21cm wide x 14.5cm high x 11cm deep.
This kit features: Proscenium Arch sheet, Name Plaque & Front Curtain sheet, Scenery sheet (featuring an 18th Century painting depicting the river Monnow, Church, Priory and Rear of the Bell Inn) and a Theatre back structure sheet.
Not included: you will need a craft knife or scissors, cutting mat, metal ruler, PVA glue.
Please note a craft knife or a pair of scissors is required and must be used by an adult. This kit is designed for adults. Please always use safe cutting practices while using a craft knife. 'Ice cream at the Interval' and the ‘Savoy Theatre Monmouth’ takes no responsibility for any injury caused while making your theatre model.


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