Ivo Graham: Organised Fun

After dismantling a barge, doxxing himself in the Doubletree, and blanking on the 1992 Ipswich Town crest (Taskmaster, Off Menu, University Challenge), Ivo ropes his audience into more chaos against the clock. “Humiliation’s your thing, right?” his brother asked him at Christmas, and, with the full existential ramifications of that still being processed, he’s lining up a show with more risk than ever before (NB: previous shows have broadly been quite low risk). Expect quizzes, tangents, and fluster. Best Show/Joke nominee 2019. “Motormouthed finesse” - Times. I could watch him natter all day” - Telegraph.

14+ age recommendation

Available show date and time:
Sunday - April 7, 2024 - 8:00 pm
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